Geographical Solutions

I used to think that the answer to the stress of life was to “get away from it all.”  Traveling to a lovely spot away from the city, surrounded by the wonder of the natural world, was almost always refreshing, but it never quite measured up to my expectations.  This happened time after time, and it began to weigh heavily on my soul.  So I consulted with one of my mentors, who told me, “Russ, your problem is that wherever you go, you always have to take Russ Clark with you!”  He called my escape routine a “geographical solution,” and he kindly informed me that this never works.  Oh, he admitted that walking a mountain trail or viewing a gorgeous sunset have their value, but the real answer to the issues that trouble me and everyone else is found within.  In the deepest place of my soul, away from all distractions, addictions, diversions, and denials, there is a quiet spot with room for only God and myself.  And until I can see the wisdom in this, I’ll be paying a lot of money to resorts and retreat centers that offer something they can’t deliver.