As the old ends and the new begins, lots of people are making promises to themselves of how they want their lives to change in 2017.  I’m not one of them, because my track record on all of  this is less than exemplary.  I’ve been told that  my experience is not unique, that many of these commitments are broken within a few days.

So this year, I’m following the wisdom of one of my mentors, Richard Rohr, as he writes in his devotional for year’s end:

“If you want others to be more loving toward you, choose to love first.”

“If you want a peaceful outer word, reconcile your own inner world.”

“If you are tired of cynicism and negativity our there, cultivate hope in here.”

“If you wish to find stillness in the world, find the calm within yourself.”

And then Father Rohr concludes with the words of Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I want desperately for the world to be more loving, for peace to prevail over violence, for negative words to be replaced by images of hope, and for a sacred silence to give us time to remember that we’re all in this together. Maybe it’s time for Russ Clark to become what he wants the nation and the world to be. Whether that’s called a resolution or not, will you join me?