End of Year Thoughts

Some of us are apprehensive about 2017, fearing that our culture is slipping into a chasm of calamity. We wonder if we’ve chosen the right leaders to lead our nation and the world into the future.  We want to have hope and to believe that we can build a better world, where peace, compassion, and justice are the air to breathe and the north star to guide.

In my morning reading, I came across this prayer, “God, let me be someone who leans into the future.”  I like that, and I need that message.  Too often I have dreaded what is ahead, and I’ve blamed my fear on the tragedies and  losses of my life, when dreams were shattered and promises broken.  Of course, I could also blame Vietnam for planting a dark imprint on my mind, but I refuse to do so. The war left its mark, as everyone should know by now, but it also reinforced in me a will to live and to create something good out of even the worst.

So the months ahead beckon to me and I’m already feeling my body, mind, and spirit surging forward, bolstered by a faith that the Lord is blazing the trail I am to walk.  Please come with me!