Tired of War

The saber-rattling continues, the tension is in the air…again.  The beheadings have shocked America like very few things have done.  We’re angry, which means we’re afraid…of another terrorist strike on our soil.  Our leaders seem to be waiting for some other reason for military action.

I hate brutality…in whatever hideous form it takes.  I despise those who torture and butcher in the name of their religion.  And I’m almost ready to march to the recruiter’s office to sign up for an overseas tour.

And yet.  Is it really our battle?  Does our nation have the will to fight another long and costly war….and care for those who are wounded as a result.  And what about the families who’ll be left grieving?  And the mental and spiritual scars that will remain for a lifetime?

No easy answers.  No quick solutions.  We’ve been in these places before, and by God’s grace we’ve managed to defeat evil empires and global thugs.  We’ve given freedom to multitudes around the globe, and we’ll probably keep doing it, because we’re Americans.

So when they reject me for re-enlistment, I’ll help those who return in need of a listening ear.  I’ll thank them and direct them to places where they can get the help they need…and deserve.  I’ll also be praying that the world become a safer place, especially for the weak and the oppressed.

These are some of my evening thoughts.  There’ll be more to come.