Morning Meditation

Good day yesterday.  Oldest daughter’s birthday, middle daughter’s baby shower, and Mom’s return to her apartment after two months of rehab.  Also, sharing the quiet of a late summer afternoon with Martha. The old Sunday School song I learned was “Count Your Blessings.”  I need to do that more and more.

The privilege of going to church this morning, another of the gifts our military gave us by winning and preserving our freedoms.  Looking forward to seeing our “family” as we gather for worship.  I’m getting to know some other veterans in the congregation, and we’re talking about starting a new support group.  The need is so great; too many of them have suffered in silence for years, even decades.  I believe one of the reasons is the fear that no one will care about nor understand their stories (and their deepest terrors). We’re trying to convince them that we know a lot about what they’ve experienced.  The realities of war haven’t changed much since Cain killed Abel.

I scan all my news sources, and I find myself worrying about (and praying for) our nation and the others nations of the world.  Perhaps it’s just media “hype,” but in my many years of living I’ve never seen such rancor, conflict, turmoil, and despair.  Oh yes, there are scattered enclaves of harmony, but the overriding theme seems to be hatred between nations, races, religions, political parties, and other categories that we let divide us.

How we need to find common ground, but more than that, a change in our minds and hearts that will lead us to love and respect those who are different!  To be honest, I haven’t found much hope for this anywhere except in the Christian faith (when it follows the ways of Jesus and not the path of judgmental arrogance and condescension.

These are my ramblings.  There will be more.


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