“Veterans Chapel”

That’s the name that’s been in my dreams for years.  And now it’s a reality.  Why this nomenclature?  Because the blog, grafted to Point Man Ministries, is intended primarily for those who’ve served in our military and are dealing with issues related to that service.  We also invite spouses, parents, children, and other family members to come to the chapel.  My intention is to post with this audience in mind as well.  Further, I believe that Post-Traumatic Stress affects human beings who’ve been involved in any traumatic event.  I’m hearing from victims of accident and crime, from rape survivors and those who’ve been abused in other ways, and from men, women, and children who’ve been battered by natural disasters and by personal calamities like a divorce or the death of a loved one. I invite all  these “tempest-tossed” souls to know they’re included here.


“We’re all broken,” our pastor said last Sunday.  How true.  We all are in need of healing and recovery, and I want these pages to offer hope and a pathway toward restoration.  Here is where the “chapel” part comes in.  I’ve lived a long time, and I’ve tried many gimmicks and roads to find answers to the innermost questions of the soul.  My own journey took me through Vietnam, a month-long hospitalization when my body shut down with a neuromuscular disease, and a torturous divorce.  And to cope with these agonies, I cried for help in directions that turned out to be futile.  Then I returned to the religion of my childhood, a mature version of the Christian faith  that offers forgiveness, cleansing, peace with my Creator, a feeling of “at-home-ness” in this beautiful world and also in the World to Come, and a welcoming and affirming community called The Church that kept me safe and secure while I was stumbling through the first steps of recovery.  The Chapel became a haven, a hiding place, a sanctuary of love, and a “family” in all the best senses of that reassuring word. And that is what I want this blog to be.

So, my friends, welcome to Veterans Chapel.  I’m glad you’ve come to spend some time, maybe even a lifetime.

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