I’ll come back to this theme many times; it’s a dream of all who’ve been away at war…and those who’ve been in some other “far country,” fighting the demons and dragons that dwell within.  That includes us all, of course.

A message I sometimes share with veterans who are returning, often very slowly, to a “normal” life is in the form of a question from Phillips Brooks, a Nineteenth Century Episcopal minister and writer.  (He wrote the words to “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”)

“Why can’t we, slipping our hands into His each day, walk trustingly over that day’s appointed path, thorny or flowery, crooked or straight, knowing that evening will bring us to sleep, peace, and home?”

There are no sweeter words than those three to one who’s been gone.  The promise is that we have a Companion to help us get to our place of belonging, no matter where we’ve wandered or what our struggle has been.

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