Some are wondering who this person is who’s doing all the posting.  Skipper is the nickname given to me way back in 1970, when I became the commander of India Company, Third Battalion, Seventh Marines.  It is of course  a Navy term, meaning “Captain,” and since the Marines are in the Department of the Navy, the moniker was borrowed by our branch as well. 

I’ve always liked to be called “Skipper.”  And I’m pleased that several of my Marines still call me by that name when we gather for our reunions every couple of years.  It’s a term of endearment, but also one that implies respect for the rank and the position of leadership.  When I hear it, or even think of it, I thank God that I had the privilege of leading over 200 of America’s finest on a mission to secure the freedom of a faraway nation. 

How the war turned out…and how we’ve dealt with that “defeat” are topics that I’ll cover in the days and weeks ahead.  I’ll do so, because many troops returning from recent wars will have to find similar answers to the question we faced, “Was it worth it?”

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