A friend brought up this topic on Facebook this morning.  And, yes, I am one.  Case in point: I spent part of last night scolding and berating myself for double posting on this blog.  “How stupid of you, Clarkie!”  “You’re an educated man.  Why the #%@* can’t you figure out how to operate a simple site?”  And so on…ad nauseum.

As I was once ranting about my faults and foibles, a colleague asked, “Is that the way you’d talk to a good friend, someone you cared deeply about?”  Of course I said, “No way!”  And then she responded with that look counselors must study to perfect somewhere in their training, “You just did that to yourself. Why not treat yourself with the same patience, compassion, and overlooking-of-mistakes that you offer to others?”  And I was silenced, which is usually what happens at the end of a lesson-learning session.

So, why don’t we all follow this advice today?

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