Sounds Around the World

I remember talking to an old missionary many years ago.  He was a man who had traveled to over a hundred countries, sharing the Good News as he went along.  I was fascinated by his description of the various and disparate parts of the earth he’d had the privilege of visiting.  One particular thing he said has stayed with me ever since.  His words were, “All around the globe there are three sounds that are always the same: a rooster crowing, a dog barking, and a baby crying.”  I’ve thought about that many times, as I ponder the mystery of what we call life.  All those sounds are means of self-expression, which I consider to be the  need of all living things.  The old rooster says, “It’s morning!  A new day is beginning!  So get up and start making the most of it!”  The dog must say, “This is what I do to let people and other animals  know that I mean business.” And the dear little infant is proclaiming, “I have arrived, world!  You need to notice me, make room for me, and pay attention to the sound I’m making.  I may grow up to be somebody important, but even if I never see my name on an office door or in the headlines, God placed me here to make make a difference.  So I’m starting right now!”

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