Toward Lent

Thomas Merton is one of the authors I study every morning.  The compilation of many of his journal entries are in a daily devotional format entitled A Year With Thomas Merton.  Here is his entry for today:

“It is on the Cross that God has known us: that He has searched our souls with His compassion and experienced the full extent of (our) capacity for wickedness: it is on the Cross that He has known our exile, and ended it, and brought us home to Him.”

Yes, when our guilt has carried us away from our sense of His presence, we are indeed in exile.  That was once my life: shunned, abandoned, and separated by what seemed like a vast, empty chasm from all that was good.  It was the dawning (or redawning) awareness of His suffering with me, born out of a love that I will never fathom, that ended my exile and led me home.

For all who are in that faraway land of darkness this morning, my prayer is that you’ll see the Cross of Christ as a sign that He knows your homesick pain and is holding out His nail-scarred hand to bring you back.





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