A candle burning. A baby crying. The sounds of God approaching.

A time for stillness, quietness of soul.  A time to listen for the chorus of angels.  A time to watch the night skies for that star.

A time to repent, to turn from wicked ways and wretched thoughts.

This is the moment to change.  To stop sleepwalking through life.  To wake up and see that God has come to earth, not only to make us feel good once a year, but to take our lives and mold them into what they were meant to be.

Lord God of this great morning, I thank you for coming to this world, not just to visit but to invade.  To break the slavery chains of sin and death, of guilt and bitterness…and to set all captives free.

For the sake of Thy Son, the child of Bethlehem who was, is, and forever shall be our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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