Oswald Chambers

One of my oldest and dearest friends is a man who died thirty years before I was born.  He was a brilliant Bible teacher, an avid outdoorsman, an artist, and a chaplain to soldiers during World War I.  Mr. Chambers wrote this in March, 1915:

“A parenthesis is a sentence inserted into an otherwise grammatically complete sentence, and if you want to understand the author, pay particular attention to the parenthesis. God puts a parenthesis in the middle flow of our life; the life goes on before and after, but if you want to understand the life, read the parenthesis, if you can.”

My Master has placed many parentheses in the chapters of my journey, and as I look back I can see (and hear) what He was trying to teach me. I am now in another one of those insertions, and I’m keeping my eyes and ears (and all my other senses) open to find the meaning of this time and place.


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