Tears of Grief and Gratitude

When I see Old Glory rippling in the late summer breeze, calling me to remember that freedom is a costly gift, granted to me by others.

When I sit in Saint Joseph Cathedral and hear the choir’s heartsong soaring to heavenly mansions.

When memories flood my mind, often at night, to drown me in regrets of the past, and to indict me for the pain I brought to the ones I loved.

When I relive the flight out of  Danang in 1970 and the journey home…through Okinawa, Anchorage, Seattle, San Francisco,  and then on to Indianapolis and the cornfields I knew so well.

And when I see a sick little boy or girl at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and witness the fear and anguish on family faces around the tiny bed. Please, God, heal this baby and comfort these loved ones.  We have nowhere to go but to You.

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