When Tears Well Up

Robert Frost once said that most of his poems began with a “lump in the throat.”  Frederick Buechner later said the same thing about his novels and sermons.  When some event, some  some sight or sound or sigh makes my heart hurt or skip a beat, and I know I need to somehow share that moment with whoever cares to read or listen, then that is what I must do.

This morning I pondered.  What has brought a lump to my throat lately?  And here are the images that surfaced.

One of my daughters stranded at night in a broken-down vehicle.  A sunrise so glorious that I could almost see the Throne of Heaven. My grandson ready to enter the world in San Francisco, my own flesh and blood bringing something of me with him.  Watching God at work in my life, often in retrospect…since I was clueless when the miracles were happening around me and within me. The frightened and haunted look of a veteran who’s been carrying the pain of war with him for decades and is just worn out.

And the list could go on and on.  If fact, it has to…and it will.


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