A Good Sunday

Started the day with a morning walk.  Martha and I love the cooler weather and the first signs of Autumn.  Blessed to live in a peaceful, quiet neighborhood, with only the early-rising birds and a few still-sleepy dogs greeting us along the way.

Rounded the familiar bend in the road and froze in our tracks.  Two male deer, young bucks, were sauntering down the street.  We think they’d come up from the deep ravine that runs through the northern part of  Clintonville.  What a majestic and wondrous sight!  There was communion between us as both we and they stood still for a few seconds.  Then they apparently concluded (if animals other than humans can “conclude.”) that we were too dangerous to share company with, and they ran down the hill toward home.

Worship service was OK.  The best part was seeing our friends, those with whom we share so much, especially a faith in God the Creator, Savior, and Comforter.  The praise choruses were lively and meaningful, but we both miss the old hymns and Gospel songs we grew up with.  Another blessing was conversing with Point Man veterans who had attended our organizational meeting on Saturday.  There’s growing enthusiasm for forming a military support group and also for being trained to talk with National Guard units  on their drill weekends.  What an opportunity!

This afternoon we rested and counted our blessings.  I’ve never met anyone who does that often enough.  Amid all the struggles and the worries over money, family, and health, most of us still have much more than billions of people on  Earth.  Gratitude is an essential attribute if life is going to be anything more than drudgery and bitterness.

Watched “Duck Dynasty” for a while.  I’m finding myself liking it, despite my earlier aversion.  The Robertsons represent what most of us long for.  Basic values, prayer at the dinner table, humor, family love, and simple living.  I have a feeling that they’d hold to these qualities even without the millions of duck-call dollars they’ve earned.

And so the day comes to a sweet end.  The looming war against Syria (yes, if we attack…we’re at war) bothers me, as do concerns about loved ones and friends who don’t seem to have life figured out yet.  But all I can do is pray for them and leave them in the hands of the One with whom we began this day, accompanied by the wild deer and our fellow believers.

Thank you, Heavenly Father.


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